Monday, January 11, 2010

What Does Pregnancy Period Look Like When Some Women Have Discharges During Pregnancy What Does It Look Like?do You Have Cramping Like Your Period

When some women have discharges during pregnancy what does it look like?do you have cramping like your period - what does pregnancy period look like

What does the occurrence of vaginal discharge is what seems Seeds brown or something? Please help me and u sometimes feelcramping their time is not available, but no help, please !!!!!!!!


ladyluck said...

Discharge can be anything. In general, it is clear or cloudy and thin. If more than 2 months at the same time, you should not cramp with the flow.

Are you saying that you think you are pregnant and have these symptoms or if you are pregnant and have these symptoms?

parental unit said...

Flow clear, white, yellow is normal. pink or brown is also normal, but keep an eye on him incase increases bunt. Cramps are common, growing pains

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