Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Basketball Court Drawing It's Official That Kobe Is The Most Popular Basketball Player From The USA

It's official that Kobe is the most popular basketball player from the USA - basketball court drawing

Introduction to Kobe has the loudest ovation of the fans. Just as it should, because it's the best player in basketball in the world today. All you shall not be bound outside of basketball, and should not be used to assess a player like basketball.

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Invictus said...

The man, who said that Lebron is more popular than Kobe, because he had 400,000 votes in the world is delusional. In the world vote for many people is not the star of all, it has to be done especially Americans, the most votes. Do you really think when it all over the world, only 400,000 votes more than would be millions more votes to Lebron! I hate all you want and be in denial if you want to talk but the people in the world (in this case China) have and their love for Kobe!

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