Sunday, January 31, 2010

Indexof/ / Angelika.jpg IndexOf Is The Match Case Sensitive? (javascript)?

IndexOf is the match case sensitive? (javascript)? - indexof/ / angelika.jpg

I use the string method indexOf in JavaScript as a statement of whether the test ...
if (myvar.indexOf ( "DSI")! = -1 ()

Is this a game or in conjunction with the ISD or DSI DSI DSI or so, and then if it is (eg, sensitive), a JavaScript function that will be used, to standardize the case. For example,

if (myvar.indexOf (themagicfunction ( "ISD ...! = -1 ()

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Rex M said...

Yes, indexOf case-sensitive. I recommend:

myVar.toLowerCase (). indexOf (findVar.toLowerCase ());

Or, conversely, toUpperCase (). So make sure you consistently use one or the other.

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