Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sayings To Put In A Wedding Card Any Ideas On What To Put On A Picture Postcard For A Thank-you Wedding Card.?

Any ideas on what to put on a picture postcard for a Thank-you wedding card.? - sayings to put in a wedding card

we put our picture in a photo card and I wish him a simple soft with some good lyrics .. Individuals are named or something! was searching the internet and not having much luck ..


butterfl... said...

which is exactly what I intend to do. I had to write NoWay hand to thank you all the cards. How about ...

Love note can hardly say
everything that I felt this magical day.
A thank you wholeheartedly sent
Gift for the serious and needs.

or ...

straight from the heart
This assessment will be sent
to say how
their kindness means

Erin said...

I also have a card with a picture of our marriage in our notebooks. Were adorable and we have a lot of compliments! I do not think that's tasteless, how the person before me, but said another person, that it is handwritten. Be sure to write by hand! Writer's hand is not very hard.

That's what I was like:

Printed on the front side: A shot in beautiful black and white with our name and wedding date.

On the opposite page, where you write: I have comments for each guest / couple thank you for your generous donation and how special it was that they are in our marriage.

We had 225 people at our wedding, and I wrote a note of thanks to all! I very much appreciated and it was just a small way to our gratitude to express their support. Good luck and good idea, yes! ;)

Cat Lover said...

I think it is very insulting to give a pre-printed thank you card! But I see nothing wrong with his picture on one side and a letter grade on the other side to say how much he loves her the gift, and identified by their names. If you simply say, "Thank you for the gift, it means nothing.

IamMARE said...

Never heard of it. We thank you cards should be handwritten and signed by the 2 of you. "Time out of their lives to attend your wedding, you likely made a generous gift and thank-card ready?" I do not think this is very reasonable. I do not want the "T" word, but "T"

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