Monday, January 25, 2010

Benefits Of Crunches Has Anyone You Know Lost A Job And Had To Start Claiming Benefits From The Government Due To The Credit Crunch?

Has anyone you know lost a job and had to start claiming benefits from the government due to the credit crunch? - benefits of crunches

What if you owe money to others and can not pay for lost work?

Why and how?

Thank you for your answers!


james michael c said...

Not yet,

Antony C said...

I personally do not think know everything, but I am a benefits consultant for an agency, an independent consultancy. Get into all aspects of human welfare, including the representation of place in the appellate courts, so if anyone out there any advice then please contact me and I need advice on their particular situation.

If someone owes you money and get benefuits state - and the debt is not a priority debt (which guarantees that in their own homes or possessions), then it can in theory £ 1 per month for the duration of an unemployment spell available.

A starting point is that there are limits on capital and income, where it is impossible to obtain the services also offers the lowest income. This probably means that local people can not come into consideration, whilst in the middle and bottom of the crisis, many people will benefit from assistance in housing costs - the car, someone is not entitled to Housing Benefit (HB) (for mortgages) and Council Tax Benefit (CTB), provided that their capital is alsohigh. Job Seekers Allowance (JSA), can also be an option, but again only if the capital is not exceeded.

only a small part ... Please ask one question to go back and do my best to answer them.


S8UK said...

No, people go to work to pay people who are doing in the wrist to nothing all day, to

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