Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hawaii Condos What Kind Of Start Up Business Can A 22 Yr Old Student Do, With Little Time Living In Hawaii?

What kind of start up business can a 22 yr old student do, with little time living in Hawaii? - hawaii condos

I am 22, I go to school in Hawaii, and have 2 friends who are their own business. "They have a successful auto detailing business from home, cleans the other houses and condominiums, and this quite well. You can do in your time into your schedule and make tons, that's exactly what I need as a student in Hawaii . .. I just need a little help finding what to do! "Any ideas? Would be appreciated! Mahalo! Thanks!


John said...

I have an idea for you. I have a friend who owns his own business and not very good. You can also consult for the telecommunications industry and work together and their own companies in this industry. You can send a link to a company of 15 years. The largest provider of direct marketing of telecommunications services offered. (not limited to Hawaii, either!) can go around the world have been in several magazines like USA Today, success, wealth, etc. Inc 500 rated the 22nd published fast growing company. Donald Trump, the approval of the use of products and is very involved in this business. The market for services that people use every day and pay anyway. Things like internet service local and long distance telephone services, telephony and digital video, VoIP, satellite TV and all the major mobile phone providers like Verizon or T-Mobile, AT & T, Altell, Nextel. They help people save money on services that use it already, or they can provide services that do not have to. According to help someone in yourexisting services or to put someone in a new service each month these people pay their bills, take a percentage of every month, month after month. It's just a way to make money in this case.
It is therefore an idea for you.

Kortney H said...

I'm not the mechanics, when it comes to car repairs. Last year I had an accident with my Nissan, and many do not know how to solve them. I have the internet for advice, but the procedures were too difficult for my abilities. I ended up going to my dealship for repairs. The dealers tend to require more than Mama and repair of pop, they have all sorts of situations (insurance problems, repair of motor problems, etc.) seen, and always seems to find ways to help. Maybe you can try calling the shops in Hawaii to see if they can help. ...

Anonymous said...


I have an answer to your question.

Let me ask you: What is your financial plan, as now, this day is what your subconscious financial plan?
Should be set for success! If not, then you can learn, and nothing that will make a big difference.

All the kingdoms of this world, myself included, have a mentality of financial freedom. It all starts with the mind and thoughts.

So that should be your way of thinking about wealth creation: To Wealth, you have to believe that traveling by car pound in his life, especially if you do not create your finances to believe, then you must believe that you have little or no control over their lives and therefore have little or no control over their financial success.

You must believe that you create your success!

MarketMa... said...

Service companies are the easiest and cheapest to start. You want to check what they are good they have done in the past and would be prepared every day. Once you understand this, ask your equipment (lawn mowers and cleaners, etc..)

Then publish. When I was in college pressurewashed houses. I went to the library and printed out a bunch of crap b / w nothing fancy flyers and went door to door until I started receiving title. That is the key. They have all the time on market and non-stop. it is cheaper price was great signs and graphic design. Banners, magnetic signs, bandit signs and great work for cheap advertising.

thinkgre... said...

Sounds like a business at home over the Internet could do anything you want. I have my own health and wellness company, what I do for the luxury of my own house. I started with only $ 300, and now I'm not every day. is simple, and you have no experience, but only the willingness to learn. I make my own schedule, because in fact, I did not) within two weeks (summer vacation. If you are interested, please visit my website or send me an e-mail. This is not a scam, trying to help:

If this does not interest you, try the cocktails. i bartenders in the school and met many people and have enough money!

Good luck!

Jangles said...

They have the people back ... If you start your own business, then you have to go to Hawaii. That is my plan.

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Raven Van Helsing said...

Your best bet is to begin surfing lessons, well, if you can surf. What part of Hawaii do you live?

Brady E said...

It is ideal for you will receive payments to your car or wearing T-shirts go!

www.scap... said...

Run-tours, surf lessons, a certain type of service.

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