Monday, December 21, 2009

Ruth Stout I Have Just Read Ruth Stout's Garden Mulching Book.(1971) And I Am Going To Do It. How To Keep Snakes Out?

I have just read Ruth Stout's Garden Mulching book.(1971) and I am going to do it. How to keep snakes out? - ruth stout

I have a garden 60 x 50 new and have been rolled two bales of hay (about 1400 pounds) in the garden for the winter - and all that he had planted. After a pause to address the situation, I'm on a mountain in the middle of the forest. This may not be a good idea, as snakes have been going. Is there anything I can do to be encountered snakes do not harm the foods produced from them next spring? I wonder if the dust Sevin, or might work in one of those pest repellents "patch things. I have electricity in the garden.

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