Sunday, December 6, 2009

Mitsubishi Zero Megaupload Car Just Slowed Down To Zero And It Wont Turn Back On But It Will Turn Over?

Car just slowed down to zero and it wont turn back on but it will turn over? - mitsubishi zero megaupload

I have a 93 Mitsubishi Eclipse 5-speed, and I was on the road and everything was fine until my indicator fell to zero and then closes showed my light oil and battery indicator, we check to someone, and from him in order who have no idea what is wrong with him I say, a backup, but I'm not brilliant when it comes to mechanical work - if the d "reverse over, but is not - funny thing that I have 2 hours earlier and had gone well or so I thought - someone who can make proposals to me!


Mr. KnowItAll said...

Broken timing belt?
Fuel pump quit?
Or malfunction of the ignition system?

They have their hands on the solution to this.

Atheist said...

I had done the same thing. It turned out that my main computer was broken and my fuel pump was bad.

I replaced both, and works well.

However, I have a Suzuki Sidekick 92nd

BFH said...

The best suggestion you can ... "Get the car towed to a shop!" Can be arranged.

u.s.a.fight back,buy american said...

which is always a problem with the car things.we Americans have always been, and never problems.we are happy!

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