Thursday, December 17, 2009

Largest Hand Ever Hi There! Where Can I Find A Place To Sell "world Largest Fully Colored Hand Written Quran"?

Hi there! where can I find a place to sell "world largest fully colored hand written Quran"? - largest hand ever

If you are really interested in the sale of a Koran, it is better to go through a more respectable. The Koran is sacred and should not be too cheap, around an object and exchange in an eBay auction or throw line.
If you really want to "make money" with the Koran as a tool to raise money to try it as a good thing - maybe half the money donated to charity.
You can try the various mosques around the country where they live mini'museum trying to organize a fundraiser, or to invite non-wearing Muslims and Muslims, contact with a particular focus on the Koran and learn about Islam.
The money will be donated, take half of the participants mosque, half of what remains of their "profit" and the other half goes to a charity of their choice.
It is only a moral and respectable deal on a holy book. How to sell anything - you can donate the Koran or in the mosque of participants of all Muslims and non-Muslims = appreciate and admire.

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