Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Leg Pain Commercials Restless Leg Syndrom??

Restless leg syndrom?? - leg pain commercials

I saw the advertisement for a pill for restless legs syndrome and almost explained my problem. As I was about 6 I feel a very, very bad pains in the legs most often during the night. It is a kind of pain is not inexplicable, Sharp & Pins needly but a very deep pain. Advertising for RLS, said that people who suffer from muscular legs as if she can go to sleep and turn no more, and I was going to say but not very often that the pins and needles is not n pain 'really, but it is a very deep feeling of tightness in the legs, that what may .. SOOO I so often and I'm 14 years old, said the doctor, it became more pain, no doubt, if my mother had to use the middle of the night when I was six years old because I was crying hysterically paiiiinnn. but I do not think that the increase poains wayyyyyy because I very often. Ideas?


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