Saturday, December 12, 2009

4 Hp Evinrude Evinrude 115 Hp Motor Help?

Evinrude 115 hp motor help? - 4 hp evinrude

I was within 115 HP / OMC Evinrude / 4-cylinder engine of my outboard sunbird 19 '. The engine was fine for the first time I had to go this season, but there are 2 weeks of stagnation that began in "No Wake" at high speed. Indeed min at 2000 rpm and below, will cause the engine to come to a standstill. Thus, the starter must be quickly pumped and thus the ship is usually run for a minute or 2 then suddenly NATlONS RPMS pumped the primer again. This does not occur when you step on the gas at high speeds. I checked the pick-up fuel, and it was a paper towel attached to the mesh screen. I thought I had solved the problem, but I did last weekend, the same problems. Does anyone have any ideas for me for troubleshooting. (I went back to take the fuel hose and there was no before the screen.)

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