Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Forward Email To Sms He Won't Accept Goodbye But Won't Move The Relationship Forward...?

He won't accept goodbye but won't move the relationship forward...? - forward email to sms

I've tried to say goodbye to a man who fell in love via SMS. (yes I know stupid) sounds. met in January 2006 during my business. seguimos en contacto, YM / SMS. I started at the court in SMS. he repeated, coming to me (I've never asked for it). Live 1 hr. away by plane. very open communication with my mother (also known as SMS). Had occasion, in May 2006 on vacation near his home town to go for 1 week. I knew that it always came from SMS messages, but never to me. I told him I felt bad not to come sms me. I said I was sorry that his affection too soon. No answer. Since the communication of his rare items has been reduced (SMS and e-mail), until now. Recently, I received the e-mail sent to him today, after the text messages you leave on Friday. I do not blame him or Chase. forward but always with a text / e-mail. What do you want?

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