Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Gophone Sim Number Does Not Exist Why Is The Att Website Saying My Sim Card Number Does Not Exist?

Why is the att website saying my sim card number does not exist? - gophone sim number does not exist

I have a GoPhone that I did it, but then ceased to use it. Now I want to start, but to say that my SIM card number is not ... What should I do?


chinchy1... said...

Since the SIM card has been deactivated. It calls and to reactivate it.

andy p said...

Probably depends on age. If have not even used for some years now, 3G cards, so you probably get a new or a policy that if you have not switched off the map for a while. I do not know. You call them, but do not do on the weekend. Or go to the FAQ on your site should have an answer. ATT is a service where you can ask questions on the Web and a competent answer. which could take some time to complete. maybe an hour or a day, I do not know.

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