Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Clinical Name For People Who Have To Make Fun Others How Do Parents, Teachers, And Advocates For People With Disabilities Feel About The Movie "Tropic Thunder?"?

How do parents, teachers, and advocates for people with disabilities feel about the movie "Tropic Thunder?"? - clinical name for people who have to make fun others

I am very concerned about the delay, "he jokes. I understand that this is supposed to be" satire and farce is on the players. But I think that's to be done to bullying and abuse of innocent people is acceptable. "Delay" is and always was an insult - like the term "mental disability" compared to that's at least a clinical definition. I'm sure people find the buzz word for not going "full retard" to persons and developmental disorders are the first victims of these "jokes". There are things as prohibited articles of humor? Is it okay to laugh at other people who make burned or disfigured by accidents? "Never completely ugly, ugly, deformed monster? Okay, humor and satire inKind of tragedy that the mother of Ben Stiller, Anne Meara, in his childhood, when his mother committed suicide? "Never go full of grief pathetic boy needs therapy, because her mother mad with yourself?" Some things, I think, is sick, inappropriate and unacceptable. How do you feel about that?


SSA Certified Disabled PWD KING said...

I am a person with a disability (PWD) and was born with various disabilities. My son comes to the adult is a person with a disability (PWD) and was born with autism and mental retardation. I've always been a "delay", as they mature. I hate the word "delay"!

I am a disability activist, lawyer auto lawyer and I protested against the film. I hate the movie because the word "delay" is used!

Here is an Internet connection that you should check. A list of disability groups in the area are very upset by the use of "R-word" in the film.

There are at least 21 groups of disabled people who are very concerned about the use of mov "R-word" in the relevantie. At least 4 of these groups are groups of people with disabilities, Autism Advocacy Network, National Council on Independent Living, People First of California, and the lawyers had to become independent (SABE).

Another group of people with disabilities who are not on the page. This group of people with disabilities as the promotion of change Together (ACT). This group of people with disabilities is also very concerned about the disturbing use of R 'word' in the film.

cheekymo... said...

I have not seen the film, but I think there is a limit of humor. If the word was replaced late and had a racial slur, it was totally unacceptable. "Delay" is an expression of hatred to the detriment of people with disabilities. As a mother of an autistic child, this word is me cringe, and I find it shameful and humiliating for people with disabilities.

musicman... said...

bother me at all. It said the actor, "was all black," you do not see the irony? Humor knows no bounds.

Blame the film for the use of humor too extreme for his taste, nor the fault of the children in line with what you say?

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