Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Does Nattokinase Work I Would Like To Hear About Anyone's Experience Using Nattokinase For A Blood Clot.?

I would like to hear about anyone's experience using nattokinase for a blood clot.? - does nattokinase work

Was it a positive experience for you?
Did it for you? Is there any objection to its use?
Details are welcome.

Thank you!

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oldtimek... said...

I spoke with many people who are employed with great effectiveness. The activity of the enzyme Nattokinase helps break fibrin, the protein in blood clotting, helps dissolve blood clots is easier to participate.
In theory, when a clot is large and split enzymes pass from where it was not long enough to be resolved, could the blood clot can be released into the blood stream and are trapped in a narrow channel .. . in theory, would be the biggest concern, but I have not heard of this happening.

However, if you (the recipe especially those that) the blood coagulation must be a doctor or pharmacist to ensure there would be no negative interaction between them to ask. That's the big warning in the package.
There are also other products that have enzymatic activity as nattokinase, but other sources, and at the end of cheap, because it ... I noticed that more people tend to prefer when nattozime. You can shop in your local health food store and / or online with reputable companies that meet all the options. Good luck and I hope I helped!

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