Sunday, February 21, 2010

Folding Plate Techniques Serving In A Restaurant...Trays And Plates??

Serving in a Restaurant...Trays and Plates?? - folding plate techniques

Sometimes we do not have a (folding) table for the ferry, which is difficult in general!

1) What is the best way to add water and coffee in a glass (in the tray on his shoulder, because you do not) put in each table?

2) Is there a technique to perform, in addition to the use of the shoulder, other techniques?

3) What is the best way to serve the meal (except under the most severe / non-nearest first)?

4) The techniques of 4, with whom I work are the LETTERS were bad (because the space between each table is just not there) and the tray can not be on their shoulders, because the rest of their size and whether they have or could take a client to drop the tray and is heavY?

Please take these issues seriously, sometimes / most of the time we have to do this

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